Tyastian folks with their signature cat ears.

Well-known for their cat ears, their Empire has lasted nearly 2,000 years (with the exception of the Waoul Campaign). A majority of the Tyastian population live in the Lands of Tyasty, which is sometimes referred to as "The Isle of Lions". With many years of proud warrior tradition, usually they either extremely brash or jovial. Even so they are not a people to be taken lightly.

As with all of the races of the world, Tyastians can only procreate with other Tyastians, resulting in a thriving pleasure district where the different peoples meet.

Tyastian Religion is not taken too seriously any more, reduced to little more than epithets and the occasional holiday drinking binge.

Genetics Edit

Tyastians are descended of a subspecies of hominid, splitting from the general stock around 150,000 BA resulting in reproductive incompatibility with other hominid species: this is caused by a slight variation protein sequence of the Tyastian X chromosome, preventing proper integration with the genetic material contributed by the non-tyastian.