Since time immemorial man has harnessed the power of Mana to do his bidding. However, it wasn't until the formation of the Henerishan Mage clan in 1089 BA that formulae and diagrams were used as aids.

History: Edit

There are tablets dating back to 2,349 BA with descriptions of different spells and how to use them. Many scholars hypothesize that tables like these have been around since the misty times when magic was discovered and man could write. However, the terminology describing these methods varied according to each culture, resulting in a lack of a universal method of notation.

Role of the Henerishan Mages: Edit

Leboch Henerishan was the chieftain of a tribe collective (a precursor to the Council of the Mage Clans ) collaborating with the Tyastian Emperor Romulus Nefarious XII, providing mages artillery support during the Waoul Campaign. Leboch was brought to the small village of Selena to drive off an invading tribe (who would later found Yeshia). After council with the village shaman, Yeboch realized the need for a proper notation for the language of magic. For hours Leboch had struggled trying to explain defensive spells with little result.

Sending word to his kinsmen back home of the need for a proper study of magic, they petitioned the Emperor for funding and facilities. The Emperor showed a rare insight, and -considering future potential of military grade magic- granted their petition, leading to the creation of the first Mage Academy in the process.

In 674 BA the first runes were used to cast a spell. It was a fairly basic flight diagram, yet it represented a breakthrough in magic. The runic language was intuitive and easy to learn, requiring only a few months of study to become proficient.

Methodology Edit

Manifesting mana into magic rarely happens unconciously. To focus the natural energies produced requires extreme concentration to accomplish even the smallest light spell. The diagrams and runes were created to provide an intuitive reminder of how magic works. How the Scholars arrived at such a notation system remains a mystery, as a fragment from the "Booke of Runes" explains:

It was withe grate pryde that Golsen [a junior scholar] shown mine eyes the firste of the runes. During his lack of focus he did lete the pen trace idly along his parchement. And lo! What a design did he make! For when he did realize his folly he did stare -and the rune did glow! A lite spell of such grande splendor he never did caste befor.

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