The world is populated by the following Sophont peoples:

Man (aka human): live in many places and adaptable to many climates. Capable of using magic

Tyastian: A proud warrior people who have strange ears and worship the Lion-headed god Hero

Elf: The people of Malann occasionally trade with the occasional elven merchant, but due to the desert that separates the two they are rarely met.

Goblin: A tribal people who live in the mountainous desert to the west of Malann . Many were wiped out during the Goblin Wars in 234 AA

Legends: Edit

Stories tell of several other creatures, who's existence has yet to be determined.

Dragons: Mythical, fire-breathing lizards of extraordinary intelligence and size. Some stories claim they can use magic, others claim they cannot.

Fae: Mythical sprites and faeries of good fortune. Perhaps the result of the misinterpretation of magic, or run-away golemantic constructs.

Dwarf: Short, stocky human-like peoples whose durability is legendary.

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