The methods of studying magic vary from culture to culture, ranging from the thaumaturgical runic channeling of the Harrisaw Mages to the abstract meta-physical concepts of the Selenian Shaman. The one trait the varying studies share is the basic premise of utilizing magic, which is the use of some catalyst to aid in concentration.

How Magic Works: Edit

Some humans are capable of producing potential energy through specialized metabolic processes that, through concentration can be controlled and projected through force of will. Mana can also be artificially produced and stored through various means.

A human can store Mana within their body, the maximum potential depends on inherited traits and physical size. Marcus Infernous of the Alunai Clan is a notable example, reaching a towering height of nine feet.

Measurement of Magic Potential: Edit

Generally, there are several tools to monitor/detect mana potential in a human.

Mana Lens: Quite literally a jar of Manatite, which is distilled from a rare combination of crystals. The liquid filters out most light except for the specialized infra-red band that stored mana radiates.

Etymology: Edit

One who wields the power of Mana is considered a "sage of mana", one who is wise in the manipulation of Mana. Over time the phrase turned to "Mana sage" (such as the writings of the Alunai Clan in 523 AA), and finally "Mage" (first seen in Jacob's magic compendium in 893AA)

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